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Paseo del Morro
San Juan, San Juan, 00926
Puerto Rico


Chef Marisoll Hernández


Chef Marisoll Hernández

Andres Ramos

“The Passionate Perfect”

“My world orbits around my passion for the perfect taste, the perfect smell, the perfect presentation, and I love to invite others to share it.” This quote perfectly sums up Puerto Rico’s indispensable Chef Marisoll Hernández. Chef Marisoll is a brand in and of itself, and is well known throughout Puerto Rico as synonymous with one of the best food tasting experiences you can have in the island. Hernández has been in the culinary industry over 29 years and his known for her exotic execution of ethnic recipes merged with authentic Caribbean flavors. Hernández established Chef Marisoll Catering in 2007, as well as Chef Marisoll Contemporary Cuisine in Old San Juan which was renowned internationally as a food destination. Chef Marisoll has received numerous awards and recognition including “Chef of the Year” in 1992 and “Intelligent Women Award” in 1996 and 2009.  Hernández has also been featured in local and international cooking television shows and has written numerous pieces with various newspapers and magazines. Today, Chef Marisoll is taking her savvy entrepreneurial skills with plans for a website, a cooking book, new lines for cookware as well as consulting services and event planning. One of the signature dishes Chef Marisoll is known for is lobster and shrimp risotto, which we would imagine is as close to perfection as you can get.