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Paseo del Morro
San Juan, San Juan, 00926
Puerto Rico


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Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico offers the television viewer a scoop of our most treasured gifts; that is, our exquisite cuisine. The program is beautifully shot on exotic locations around  the Enchanted Islands of Puerto Rico.

The first season consists of 13 one-hour episodes, each of them filmed in different natural and magical locations.  Some of the backdrops of our island include crystal turquoise blue waters, as well as the rich greenery of our spectacular mountains.  This show will allow the viewers to discover and almost taste the most delicious and savoury food found on the island.  You will indulge in local fruits, plentiful vegetables and learn some of our exceptional ingredients such as our renowned rum, and delicious coffee straight from this island.  The viewer is guaranteed to be transported to a real and reachable paradise.

The show showcases the whole fun process of cooking as well as learning where our ingredients come from, how we cook them, culminating towards the beautiful conclusion where they become  a mouth-watering platter. A different recognized and famous chef hosts each show, which brings versatility to the program and offers the viewer more options of our Puerto Rican cuisine and culinary culture. 

Salsa and Flavors from Puerto Rico is shot in English with subtitling available. Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico, it’s an opportunity to enjoy this vibrant island, our wonderful and exotic scenes, refreshing drinks, as well as mouth-watering and appetizing plates that leave our viewer wanting to experience a taste of paradise.

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